Gubat North Central School (GNCS)

Ravenlock found himself wandering around the premises of Gubat North Central School, his very own elementary school, his playing field when he was a kid. He felt nostalgic; spending six years of childhood in this place is hard to forget, especially when you were used to run on its grounds chasing classmates and dragonflies, that was 16 years ago.

Most of structures were still the same; the canteen, library, stage, and the encinas hall, it was as he can recall except for some renovations needed, the ceilings were falling, glass windows broken and worn out walls. The sheds beside the stage were gone and the concrete seats circling the trees around the center field were also missing. If only he had the resources, he would restore those things right away.

As Ravenlock and his companion (Lockspade) walks around taking pictures, having the feeling that they were pro photographers (hehehe, asa naman tong dalawa), a familiar face approaches them, Ma’am Funtalba, one of the elementary teachers. Surprised to see them, she asked what are they up to and so they told her that they were just fooling around and have nothing to do (that was the truth).

Ma’am Funtalba told them about the worn out buildings and she was hoping that they could do something about it, like raising funds for restoration projects. They were touched and promised her that if they had the chance, they would gladly help. Ma’am offered them “meryenda” (snack) but the two big guys went shy mode and told her that they were full then started strolling around again as if they were on a tour.

At the rear part of the school, Ravenlock discovered that a “kamagong” (mabolo) tree is still there, and it has one of the most exciting fruits he used to eat when he was a kid. It is needed to rub the fruit on a grassy area (or you can have other method) to remove its hairy part exterior before you can devour it. Lockspade wanted the fruit very bad but they leave it as is since they don’t have the guts to climb the tree anymore.

As they leave the place, Ravenlock was glad that he visited although somewhat saddened for some structures were falling apart. He promised to himself that someday he will do something to restore the schools good looks.


~ by JM on December 16, 2009.

One Response to “Gubat North Central School (GNCS)”

  1. nice to see gncs…i studied there as a grade 1 pupil in the year 1987… 🙂
    like to see pictures of manook street where we had aproperty 🙂

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